Hiscox insurance company

Hiscox insurance company

Global insurance provider Hiscox Insurance Company provides both businesses and people with a variety of insurance products. Since its founding in 1901, the business has developed into a major force in the insurance sector, offering coverage in more than 190 nations.

We will give a thorough analysis of Hiscox Insurance Company in this post, covering its background, offerings, clientele, and reputation.


The Bermuda-based Hiscox Insurance Company was established in 1901 to offer marine insurance. The company increased the range of insurance products it offered throughout time, including property, casualty, and speciality insurance. Hiscox Insurance Company joined the Lloyd's of London insurance market in 2013, enabling them to provide consumers with even more thorough coverage.


To satisfy the needs of both enterprises and people, Hiscox Insurance Company provides a wide selection of insurance products. Its goods consist of:

Business Insurance: General Liability, Professional Liability, Property, and Cyber Insurance are just a few of the products that Hiscox offers for business insurance.

Home Insurance: High-value homes, second homes, and rental properties are all covered by Hiscox's home insurance policies.

specialist Insurance: Hiscox provides a range of specialist insurance products, such as insurance for valuable artwork, insurance against kidnapping and ransom, and insurance against terrorism.

Customers' needs:

The Hiscox Insurance Company is renowned for offering its policyholders top-notch customer service. Customers can contact the company's staff of knowledgeable representatives with any queries or worries they may have regarding their coverage. Customers can manage their policies and submit claims on the Hiscox website.


For its financial stability and client service, hiscox liability insurance Insurance Company enjoys a solid reputation in the insurance sector. Independent rating companies have given the business top marks; A.M. Best granted the business an A rating for financial strength. Additionally, Hiscox has won various accolades for its goods and customer support, including Insurance Times' Best Specialist Insurer award for 2020.

Hiscox Insurance Company is a respectable and well-established insurer that provides a variety of insurance products to fulfil the needs of both people and companies. Hiscox is a dependable option for consumers looking for insurance coverage due to its emphasis on customer service and financial stability. Hiscox provides a package to suit your needs, whether you require business insurance, home insurance, or specialised insurance.
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